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Size: 100 W x 100 H x 2 cm
Materials: Canvas, acrylic paint
Year of creation: 2018

Dancing girl, who is she? This image inspires with incredible power of mind, character, so carefully hidden behind the lightness and airiness of the dance. Another invisible force is Energy, passing through her in a stormy stream, explodes into a fountain, the spray of which penetrate through the skin directly into the viewer’s heart.

Does the dancing girl have fear when she goes on stage? Probably. But what pulls her there again and again? Of course, the “invisible force” which connects her with a viewer and the whole World.

Participation in Exhibitions

• Collective Art Exhibition "This is not a Fairytale", GALERIA AZUR Madrid, Spain


• Marvelous Art Magazine. January 2021. Issue: 9

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