Tetiana Gryshchenko
Born on 11.08.1986 in the city of Mariupol, Ukraine. Tetiana successfully graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts in 2009. She studied icon painting in Moscow.
Tetiana began her professional career as a graphic designer, while at the same time she continued to paint, forming and constantly improving her artistic language.
Currently Tetiana lives and works in the city of Kastav, Croatia.
• "Senses" art fair, Rome, Italy;
• "Secret Spaces – Borders" art fair, Venice, Italy;

• "Art Paralely" art competition & exhibition, Kyiv, Ukraine;
• "All Planet Earth" art competition & exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery Online;
• "This is not a Fairytale" collective art exhibition, GALERIA AZUR Madrid, Spain;
• "Abstracts" 12th annual online art competition, Light Space & Time Online art gallery;
• "ABSTRACTUM" international abstract art festival, Moscow, Russia;
• "All Women" 10th annual online art competition, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery;
• "Dali's Mustache" international online contest, Spain

• "Colors of Humanity" art gallery, online December show;
• "Golden Time Talent", season 17, United Kingdom 

• "COW" international design festival, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine;
• "Design Against Fur" poster and animation contest, Kharkiv, Ukraine;
• "4’s Block" VII international ecofest of graphical design, Kharkiv, Ukraine;
• "Anti-AIDS-Ukraine" ІІІ international poster and animation exhibition, Kharkiv, Ukraine

• "Orphanhood is despair, family is hope and life" poster exhibition, AVEK, Kharkiv, Ukraine

• "Gogolfest" the first festival, poster exhibition, Kyiv, Ukraine
• Interview for Itsliquid Group https://www.itsliquid.com/
• Сatalog "Secret Spaces – Borders" art fair, Venice, Italy. 2023
• Сatalog "ABSTRACTUM" art festival. 2021
• Marika Fine-Art Magazine. March 2021. Issue 696
• Marvelous Art Magazine. January 2021. Issue: 9

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Artist Tatiana Gryshchenko
Artist Tatiana Gryshchenko
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