Graphic 18 - Sunrise by the Sea
 2024 Paper, drawing lead, 50 x 50 cm
Available for purchase Contact.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
"Sunrise by the Sea" is a deeply symbolic work, and I'd like to share some of its meanings. This piece is dedicated to my hometown, Mariupol, which has recently gained international attention due to the ongoing war. Although I would rather not focus on this topic, it is an inescapable part of my reality, so I address it subtly and almost imperceptibly.
So, what can be seen in the graphic work? At the core of the artwork is a circle, a shape with many significant sacred meanings. The circle represents the Universe, the Sun, Spirit, continuous movement, and Eternity.
Mariupol's coat of arms features an anchor, a symbol that is clearly visible in the piece. I won’t delve into the detailed interpretation of the coat of arms here, as it can be easily found in available sources, but it’s a recognizable element within the graphics.
The sun’s rays are depicted through symbolic imagery that evokes traditional Ukrainian cross-stitch embroidery, a cultural code of Ukraine. This element also references ancient Greek sacred geometry (by the way, Mariupol is a Greek settlement), where the cross signifies the intersection of equal opposites and multiplication (the symbol for multiplication has retained its appearance to this day).
Moreover, the rays in contemporary Mariupol embroidery (and beyond) are finished with tetrahedrons, which symbolize fire, representing the anti-tank hedgehogs that protect this world.
And of course, the female figure: a woman observing the sunrise in a meditative pose.

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