Long November Rain
2020 Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 40 cm
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What mood does autumn evoke in you? Not that one, which is sunny, warm, bright, sparkling with a variety of foliage colors, capable of involving even an incorrigible snob into "throw into one another" game. But another, which bared trees and blows hostile with cold wind straight into the face and is so damp that it will make its way closer to the body of a hopelessly wrapped passer-by. Agree, that sounds pretty dull. 
But there’s yet another beautiful side of this season. Late autumn has some hypnotic features, relaxing with music of seemingly endless rain. Slowing down the heartbeat, there’s such a priceless opportunity in our time of unending bustle, breathe out the past, stop thinking about the future and be in the present for some time, just listening only to yourself, diving into the universe of your feelings and moods. 
In the painting “Long November Rain” the artist captured exactly such a mood, inspired by the bubbles in puddles, foreshadowing the lingering possibility of a personal reboot.

Participation in Exhibitions
• 12th Annual "Abstracts" Online Art Competition, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery;
• International Abstraction Art Festival "ABSTRACTUM", Moscow, Gostiny Dvor;
• Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, December 2020 Show
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