The Girl With Lotus Flowers

2018 Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 40 cm

Sometimes we need time for ourselves. The outer noise disappears, waves of anxiety subside, and the state of mind is like a mirror surface of water at a windless day. In these precious moments we begin hearing ourselves. Thoughts flow into one another, new ideas are born and once in a fertile soul they turn into something beautiful – our Art.


“The girl with lotus flowers” painting is a fantasy about the birth of the Idea in a harmonious stream of human thoughts.


Participation in Exhibitions

• Collective Art Exhibition "This is not a Fairytale", GALERIA AZUR Madrid, Spain;

• International Abstraction Art Festival "ABSTRACTUM", Moscow, Gostiny Dvor - III Place;

• 10th Annual "All Women" Online Art Competition, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery - Special Recognition;

• Dali's Mustache – International online contest for artists, photographers, designers, Spain – II Degree

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