2018 Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm
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In her artworks the author deals with a problem, that looks so insignificant from the first glance, but no less important – the realization of personal role and  self-awareness of a woman in modern realities. What does femininity mean and how to be feminine? How can a girl in the endless informational chaos stop "looking for herself" and love her nature. 
Femininity is a harmony. And the harmony the girl possess delights, excites, inspires. The dance is a natural manifestation of harmony. Therefore in author’s opinion the image of a dancing girl is very close to the essence of femininity. When ballerina makes a delightful pas, viewers hold their breath not to frighten off the moment. And only at the end of the dance you begin to breathe deeply, and the memories of the ballerina, of her dance do not leave for a long time. Looking at her aerial "flight", it's hard to guess how much strength, character and will it contains. It's an incredible balance of such polar qualities. The moment of "exhalation" is captured on the canvas. The moment when inner silence comes.

Participation in Exhibitions
• Collective Art Exhibition "This is not a Fairytale", GALERIA AZUR Madrid, Spain
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