2015 Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm
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The painting "Trust" was the first large-scale work, therefore it is special for the author. It is a kind of symbol of emerging courage in the face of a large scale. Many budding artists understand what it means. 
What is the painting about? What did the author feel and experience at the time of creation? You don’t always want to bare your feelings and that’s exactly the case. And perhaps even the name does not reflect the true meaning :)

Participation in Exhibitions
• "Senses" art fair, Rome, Italy;
• "Secret Spaces – Borders" art fair, Venice, Italy;
• Collective Art Exhibition "This is not a Fairytale", GALERIA AZUR Madrid, Spain;
• Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, December 2020 Show;
• Golden Time Talent, season 17 – 1st place

• Сatalog "Secret Spaces – Borders" art fair, Venice, Italy. 2023
• Marika Fine-Art Magazine. March 2021. Issue 696
• Marvelous Art Magazine. January 2021. Issue: 9
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