2020 Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm
In a private collection.​​​​​​​ Belgium
When working on the painting "Poppies" the artist intended to realize and point out the essence of those flower's beauty, cut off details, that could distract. With childish curiosity thinking about it, carefully examining the flower and sketching it, more and more realizing what is so fascinating in this flower.
Its fiery color isn’t something that goes unnoticed in any landscape. The tenderness of its petals is so defenseless and tremulous that you want to look without a single touch not to spoil the beauty with a false move. Sunlight passing through petals literally lights them up as scarlet lanterns. And how tightly the poppy protects its seeds, while they are getting ready to continue its life in the new beginning...

Participation in Exhibitions
• Collective Art Exhibition "This is not a Fairytale", GALERIA AZUR Madrid, Spain
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