"Why are all my girls inscribed in a square, and why do I always fold a sheet of paper starting a new art piece?"
Tatiana’s artistic language was formed under a strong influence of her inclination to systematize, her aspiration to find interconnection in everything, and her conviction that such a connection is indeed always present. Past events have a direct impact on our future, and an accidental meeting is hardly accidental. There is an invisible thread running through everything in the world, which becomes apparent in our minds only with time. These reflections contributed to the birth of Tatiana’s philosophy of image search and became the artist's fundamental concept – everything in this world is connected with the help of lines. This presentation will reveal the artist’s concept and the video will provide you with the answer to the main question.
"Everything starts with an idea. My first idea was to create my own artistic language – the language I will use to communicate with my viewers. This was the exact thought I had had since my early childhood. Since I was brought up in a creative family, I quite quickly realized how big and diverse the world of art is. I wanted to feel my own uniqueness, understand how I could interpret the reality that was surrounding me, channeling it through myself, my thoughts, feelings, and make it even more interesting and colorful for my viewers. It’s difficult to consider me as one of the artists, who, at the peak of their inspiration, take a brush into their hands and start creating, immersed into an appropriate state of mind. Each of my projects, each of my works is a result of long thinking about WHAT exactly I want to convey and with what kind of abstractions."
Figurative conceptual art

Born on 08.11.1986 in the city of Mariupol, Ukraine. Tatiana successfully graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts in 2009. She studied icon painting in Moscow, Russia.
Tatiana began her professional career as a graphic designer while continuing to paint, forming and constantly improving her artistic language. She took part in socially-oriented group exhibitions many times.
Now Tatiana lives and works in the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Tetiana’s art touches upon various social topics, but in many aspects, it is philosophical. It is a kind of non-judgmental statement of reality, an incentive for reflection, and a multilateral analysis of what is happening.
There is a single idea going through all artworks – a person's cognition of oneself, self-awareness, and self-determination in the modern world, reflection on the influence of dynamically changing realities on each of us.
The key issues are expressed with the help of the questions: 
• “How does a person feel in such a dynamic environment?”
• “How to value and not lose your individuality in a stormy information flow, constant change of trends and currents?”
• “How to recognize and stay in harmony with your true desires in limiting us social, cultural, and moral frameworks?"
“All artists create works by letting one or another problematique pass through their life experience. And I’m no exception. My inspiration comes from the people around me, the situations I face, and reflection on the influence of dynamically changing realities on each of us. You’d think the opening world of possibilities would be enormously huge! But it can easily crush you by coming down on you with a thick information layer, which you hardly have time to channel through yourself. To my mind, this problem is becoming more and more relevant every day.
In my artworks, I touch upon various social themes, but I can’t call my art “acute social.” There’s a lot of philosophy in it. I would like to encourage my viewers to reflect on what is happening, realizing their own attitude to the issues raised, to accept their own position and stay in harmony with it."
The artist’s focus is the history of Femininity and its nature. In most paintings, a long-haired Girl appears as a prototype of Femininity. With the length of her hair, the artist conveys Wisdom, which she takes as a fundamental quality. Such Wisdom allows a formed personality to accept and go through any life conditions and circumstances. 
“I am interested in studying Femininity and its nature. I am fond of dancing, and I have a relevant environment. I enjoy observing modern girls, the transformations of their opinions and mindsets, ways of self-expression, and adaptation in social and cultural conditions of nowadays."
You can get familiar with the works of Tatiana Gryshchenko by visiting the virtual gallery below 
The online exhibition represents the series of works “Dancing Girls,” which includes the paintings “Harmony,” “Energy,” and the triptych “Passion.” In addition, there is one of her first works – “Trust,” whose history is not revealed because the artist considers it too personal and invites her viewers to form their own perception. The exhibition also presents the paintings “The Girl with Lotus Flowers” and “In the River of Thoughts,” whose full description is provided below in the presentation. You will find out what they are about and what connects them.
Tatiana’s works are constructed in the language of simple geometric shapes. Such a simplification makes it possible to understand more complex forms and, eliminating the unnecessary, link them into a single composition, focusing on the essence. In support of the idea, Tatiana comments on the two artworks: “The Girl with Lotus Flowers” and “In the River of Thoughts.”
The Girl with Lotus Flowers, 2018
“The painting “The Girl with Lotus Flowers” captures what is considered a great luxury these days – the time for ourselves. Have you ever wondered how much the speed of information flow has increased with the growth of digital technologies? And the most remarkable thing is that it makes us conform. The world is drastically changing, and there are no prerequisites, even for a temporary slowdown.
Everyone is a creator to a certain degree. And any art has its birth in the moments when external noise subsides, and we begin to hear ourselves. “The Girl with Lotus Flowers” is about immersing into ourselves and for it. As a certain symbol of peace, I depicted a lake on a windless day. The lotus leaves seem to flow over the smooth surface, touching each other. It’s no coincidence that I chose to simplify their shape to a circle. If we turn to forms’ psychology, we’ll see that this form’s primary meaning is eternity because a circle has no beginning or end. And I found it an excellent visual image to depict the thinking process. In addition, the circles do not have any corners, which makes them softer and gives us a feeling of some inner harmony. The flowers themselves represent the very art – ideas born within us, and, once in fertile soil, blooming.
There’s a girl in the center of the storyline. Her gaze is directed to a new idea, which she seems to be playing with. For sure, you know the feeling when you are carried away and are literally immersed in the process of creating something new.  
If we talk about the color solution, I preferred essential natural colors without aggressive accents but filled with an abundance of warm yellow shades.
The painting “The Girl with Lotus Flowers” was created in 2018. However, my first attempt was made back in 2015, and you will undoubtedly notice some similarities with the work “The Lake with Lotus Flowers.”
The Lake with Lotus Flowers, 2015
And already in 2020, I created a painting “In the River of Thoughts,” in which I left out the image of a girl, leaving just an abundance of lotus leaf circles. And this was how I attempted to get rid of any visual or color accents.
In the River of Thoughts, 2020
The idea was to sort of soften the surface of the canvas, and create an effect of work dissolution while observing it for a long time, allowing the viewers to immerse themselves in their own mental streams."
"So, why are all my girls inscribed in a square, and why do I always fold a sheet of paper starting a new art piece?"
More of my Artpices
The Girl in Cultural Frames (Slavic), 2021 
The Girl in Cultural Frames (African), 2021
Trust, 2015
Power of Wisdom, 2020
Harmony. Acrylic on canvas, 2018
The Girl with Lotus Flowers, 2018
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