«Why are all my girls inscribed in a square, and why do I always fold a sheet of paper starting a new art piece?»
This very question marked the beginning of my artistic journey. My initial attempts to explain to the world, and to myself, what I wanted to express were like tentative first steps—hesitant and largely intuitive. That phase has passed, and now I relish the process of bringing my subconscious desires and understanding of my creative path to a conscious level, enriched by new experiences.»
Tetiana’s artistic language has been shaped by her strong inclination towards systematization and her conviction that everything is interconnected. She believes that an invisible thread runs through all things, becoming apparent in our consciousness only with time. These reflections have nurtured Tetiana’s philosophy of image creation and established her fundamental principle: everything in this world is connected by invisible lines.
Geometric Conceptual Art

Born on August 8, 1986, in Mariupol, Ukraine, Tetiana Gryshchenko successfully graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts in 2009. She also studied icon painting in Moscow.
Tetiana began her professional career as a graphic designer, all the while continuing to paint, develop, and refine her artistic language. She has participated in numerous socially-focused group exhibitions.
Currently, Tetiana lives and works in Kastav, Croatia.
«Reflecting on my initial artistic steps, I must pause to acknowledge that intuition always guides us down the right paths. It’s a wonderful realization when understanding and a certain vision emerge. I’ll be honest—I still love my early works. They blend confidence with hesitation, like a completed yet delicate touch on something significant. It’s like a person trying to feel with their hands in a dark room, unable to see.
When talking about my early works, the first one I love to mention is «Girl with Lotus Flowers.»
Although it wasn’t my first piece, it holds a lot of symbolism. The painting «Girl with Lotus Flowers” reflects what is considered a great luxury today—time for oneself. The world is changing rapidly, with no signs of slowing down. The speed of information flow is increasing, driven by the active development of digital technologies. Immersed in this, we often lose touch with ourselves. We lose our bearings in the endless sea of choices and, consequently, our self-identity.
Every person is a creator to some extent. Art is born in moments when the external noise quiets, and we begin to hear ourselves. The painting «Girl with Lotus Flowers» is my vision of the birth of an Idea in the harmonious flow of human thoughts.
I depicted a lake on a windless day as a symbol of peace. The lotus leaves float smoothly on the surface, gently touching each other. My desire to simplify forms, such as reducing the lotus leaves to simple circles—a symbol of eternity, infinite measure, and limitless possibilities—was not accidental. I found this a perfect visual metaphor for the process of thinking and the womb of new ideas. The soft, harmonizing form without corners represents a nurturing environment. The flowers represent art—the ideas that are born within us and, once planted in fertile ground, bloom.
Why do I consider this work symbolic? Even then, I was eager to infuse it with meaning through geometry. Square, circle, triangle. Only perfect shapes that resonate within us. But more on that later.» 
The Girl with Lotus Flowers, 2018
Tetiana’s paintings are constructed using the language of simple geometric shapes. This simplification allows her to convey meaning on a more intuitive level—one of feelings. At the same time, these forms can be easily explained through their symbolic meanings. To support this idea, Tetiana comments on two of her works: “The Girl with Lotus Flowers” and the upcoming “The Lake with Lotus Flowers.”
The Lake with Lotus Flowers, 2015
«And here is the actual painting that was created first. It is titled «The Lake with Lotus Flowers» (2015).
At that time, I was inspired by several artists—Claude Monet (which is quite apparent) and Gustav Klimt, which is less obvious. But that’s not all. I was also greatly influenced by Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches, his thirst for exploring the world, and his ability to infuse his art with symbolic meaning.
I have always been in search of meaning. Drawing for the sake of drawing doesn’t interest me much. While it is undoubtedly a pleasure to engage in the process, I yearn for more. I want to enjoy the process of research and discovering new dimensions, new perceptions. These are the questions that occasionally make each of us pause on our life path, demanding reflection. Where are we heading? What is the purpose of all this? How did it all begin, and how did we end up where we are now? And, of course, the question of harmonious existence. Are these pressing social issues? To some, it might seem not, but each of us has, or seeks, that same foundation beneath our feet in the form of religion, philosophical beliefs, or ideologies embedded in everyday life. This is not new. It has always been this way. That same axis that holds our body upright and confident, a need that humanity has always had.» 
Tetiana’s art serves as a unique exploration of how humanity has perceived the world and its place in it over time, and how these views have evolved, if at all. Her entire body of work is permeated by the idea of harmonious human existence and self-identification through philosophical concepts.​​​​​​​
«I define my artistic language as geometric. Through geometry, I attempt to understand the thought processes of those who formulated ideas that still shape our perception, or lack thereof, today. If you think about it, our eyes cannot perceive volume. We see everything as flat. However, our consciousness can add dimensions. Geometry represents a flat volumetric projection, making it an excellent tool for understanding the dimensional Universe.
We are surrounded by an infinite number of symbols through which humanity continues to communicate with each successive generation. This is a language and the ideas conveyed through it. History has hidden much from us, but truth has a way of revealing itself. It is this revelation that fills me with immense fascination. I have chosen a path of exploration through observation and contemplation, expressed through visualization.
I adore symmetry. Observing symmetrical objects evokes a deep sense of harmony within me, a kind of tickling resonance. Ornaments are a perfect example. I became fascinated by why ornamental patterns are the way they are. What does each symbol mean? How did it come to be, and why does a particular culture associate itself with it, even though it can be found everywhere? What philosophical meanings were imbued in these designs? 
It’s remarkable how harmoniously ancient ornaments fit into modern culture and evoke an inner response, even if not always consciously. It was incredibly fascinating to discover why everything began with a dot and returned to a dot. 
Is this not the one universal language that has transcended time and cultures? A language that we still understand on a subconscious level today.
Sometimes I create quick geometric posters, which I call Experiments. Because that’s exactly what they are—experiments. This is how I visualize already comprehended knowledge and, by observing the posters, I monitor my feelings to see if I truly experience that same sense of comfort in certainty.
The artist admits that it took some time to accumulate knowledge and begin to see the embedded meanings. The time has come for the conscious incorporation of symbolism into her work.
The Girl in Cultural Frames (Slavic), 2021 
«Girl in Cultural Frames» (2021).
The work “Girl in Cultural Frames” was the first where I incorporated ornamentation, marking the beginning of my deeper exploration into this theme. Naturally, I wanted to choose an ornamental symbol that would be most characteristic and familiar to all Slavs. As I analyzed it, I realized that this symbol appears in many cultures around the world. It’s fascinating to recognize individuality within unity. 
You don’t think about it at first, but then you start to notice. Over time, you can’t help but see it.
«Graphics 18 - Sunrise by the Sea» (2024)
«Sunrise by the Sea» is a deeply symbolic work, and I'd like to share some of its meanings. This piece is dedicated to my hometown, Mariupol, which has recently gained international attention due to the ongoing war. Although I would rather not focus on this topic, it is an inescapable part of my reality, so I address it subtly and almost imperceptibly.
So, what can be seen in the graphic work? At the core of the artwork is a circle, a shape with many significant sacred meanings. The circle represents the Universe, the Sun, Spirit, continuous movement, and Eternity.
Mariupol's coat of arms features an anchor, a symbol that is clearly visible in the piece. I won’t delve into the detailed interpretation of the coat of arms here, as it can be easily found in available sources, but it’s a recognizable element within the graphics.
The sun’s rays are depicted through symbolic imagery that evokes traditional Ukrainian cross-stitch embroidery, a cultural code of Ukraine. This element also references ancient Greek sacred geometry (by the way, Mariupol is a Greek settlement), where the cross signifies the intersection of equal opposites and multiplication (the symbol for multiplication has retained its appearance to this day).
Moreover, the rays in contemporary Mariupol embroidery (and beyond) are finished with tetrahedrons, which symbolize fire, representing the anti-tank hedgehogs that protect this world.
And of course, the female figure: a woman observing the sunrise in a meditative pose.
Graphics 18 - Sunrise by the Sea, 2024
And finally, why the female image? It is simply the visual object I have chosen to explore the canvas through geometric relationships. The female body seems very plastic and adaptable to me, considering the fact that it is women who can give birth. I enjoy testing its flexibility. Perhaps it is also because I view the world through a woman’s eyes.
What else can I say… I am only at the beginning of my journey. No matter how far I go, I always realize that it is just the start. I am thrilled!»   
Some people think that every artist has a cozy work studio, filled with an artistic atmosphere and special aromas. Here’s the thing: I don’t. But I am in love with art and can create some pieces on my kitchen table or even on my knees. It’s my passion. Some people want to see the working process, and I’m glad to share it with you!

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